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The Man Behind ‘Spaceman’

December 10th, 2012

An interview with the man behind Spaceman.
Recently I asked, “Who is Spaceman?” This guy’s work has been showing up in unexpected places around town for a while now. Although I’m still not sure who the guy in the space suit is, the actual artist did come forward. And I had a chance to sit down with him at Boulder Coffee in the South Wedge. Among other things I asked him what he thought about people who call his work “trashy” or “criminal.” With the Geico Gecko watching us from the billboard across the street, he pointed to it and said, “Would you rather see a Geico ad at every four-way stop? I’m just trying to make people smile.”

For two hours we talked about his work, what motivates him, life in Rochester, keeping our waterways clean, philosophy, Tibetan monks, and other stuff. For obvious reasons he wishes to remain anonymous, so I’ll refer to him in this interview as “Spaceman Artist”. Here’s a taste of our conversation…

Spaceman on I-490.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: I understand why you’d want to remain anonymous. I don’t even know your name and I’ve been referring to you as “Spaceman.” Do you have a name? What should I call you?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Spaceman is not me. My name is ——.

I mean I’d like to keep my name as far away from this as possible. But “Spaceman”… that’s not me. I’m just working towards a bigger purpose and Spaceman is just an idea that came to me to do that.

Obviously there’s the Spaceman project, but once I’m done working on something, whatever happens to it after that, it’s on its own. Once it leaves my hands its gone.

A Spaceman poster on the side of I-490 at the Can of Worms interchange.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Do you have formal art training or is this more of a hobby?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Formal training no. I grew up in Brooklyn with a lot of train/subway painters and spray paint artists. Those guys are super talented…

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: You grew up Brooklyn? What neighborhood?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Bushwick. Until I was about 8. Then we moved to Rochester. My brother would bring these guys home and that got me interested. To tell you the truth I didn’t have money for school. For a few semesters I would sit in on some design courses – RIT wasn’t really too down with it but MCC was – and the instructors would let me sit in and work with everyone. I would just tell them I had an interest in art and wanted to sharpen the edges a little bit, and they were really eager to help out with someone in my position.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: What brought you to Rochester?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Family actually. My family opened up a few small restaurants… but Rochester really does have a ton to offer. I talk to people who say they’re so bored here, but I think if you’re bored here, you’ll be bored anywhere. There’s so much around, and within just a half hour of the city, in any direction; we’ve got the Great Lakes, natural forests, the Genesee River, so much history, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, the women’s suffrage movement, the underground railroad, Mount Hope Cemetery, so much historic architecture, just so much history. It’s something you’ve got take in, and not all at once. In bits and pieces.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: So you’re about 30 now?


ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Do you have a day job?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Yeah. I’d like to just say screw it. It’s not in the creative field. I wish it was and I’d like to be able to quit and kick my creative projects into high gear, but it pays for living and transportation. If I do sell a piece I’ll donate most of it to charity. I’d really like to raise money to clean up our waterways. That’s really my main goal. We need to clean up our waterways. They are disgusting – and the land in general. Because they’re just a great resource.

Spaceman print on yellow.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: So is this the goal of the Spaceman work?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Some, but it’s not by any means a good representation… You know how everything is changing? Art galleries you know? …No one wants to be inside… I’m just trying to take art outside and give people something to smile about. It’s like art for the working person. People who rush by at 60 miles an hour to their job, and hating it. I just want to give those people something to smile about.

Some people look forward to seeing weird stuff on the side of the road. For some people their only contact with art is while they’re in their car on the way to work.

I guess in a way I’m trying to usher in a new way of thinking about art. A lot of people don’t have time to go to a gallery.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Do you have a studio?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: I work out of a few cardboard boxes in my garage. I’m working on getting a shared work space at ———–. I got one box for my papers, one for my screens, one for my paints. I don’t really have time to set up much of a studio.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: What inspires you?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Aw there’s so much inspiration around. I should start off with my father. He’s like a freight train. He’s the hardest working shop foreman I know. But even just a person walking down the street could be inspiration. This one guy I see, he must have lived in Rochester for 100 years. He’s got one giant dreadlock and he’s just a smelly old man but he’s walking art. I’ve never said a word to him but you know, I put my own story together. That moment of passing is more than enough.

An old abandoned building that people drive by and never even notice. Mt Hope Cemetery is an amazing place. Durand park. It’s all amazing. By the river there are dozens of derelict buildings that no one looks at. I watch the course of things and how they chip away over time. Sunlight. Water. Bruce Lee would say, “Be like water.” Water is penetrating and gets into everything and it’s just there.

Tibetan monks are an inspiration, how they set themselves on fire for a belief. It’s nothing you can touch or own, they just do it because of a belief. The Tao. I get a lot of inspiration from the Tao. It just gets me thinking. One of the verses especially, “to call a walking stick a walking stick would be denying it of its past existence as the tree it once was.”

A Spaceman poster on the side of I-490 at the Can of Worms interchange.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: What’s your creative process like?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: When I get an idea I’ve got to write it down or it’s gone in a flash. Like I’ll go into the other room to get batteries or something and then I’m like, what did I come in here for?

And I’m like a “series” artist. There’s a few different pictures of models I did, I did some work of different types of fish – what ever it is, once I have the idea, I do a run of that one thing, and I work laterally with it for a while. So each work grows quicker than if it were its own thing, cause I’m feeding off the previous one. But I also have some stand alone work. Some sculpture and stuff.

Then there’s obviously the Spaceman, and it’s sort of become a trademark. A lot of people invest a lot into their ego, and their names, but I try to be the opposite of that. The “Spaceman” thing I guess is a more of a word association with the image. It’s not a branding thing. I don’t sign my work. When I took that picture, it was an actual guy in a prototype space suit at a science fair. And when I printed it and cut it out, I was like, “You know what? This guy is pretty cool.” He sort of reminded me of an action figure or something. So I did some photo enlargements and worked on some silk screens and stencils. And I just put it out there for people to enjoy. There was no real meaning behind. I just wanted people to see it and smile.

I try not to put any hidden meaning behind my work. I’m just trying to make people come together and give them something positive to talk about. And this is the only way I know how to do it.

I don’t like to do stuff that’s politically charged. I did some things with people in fatigues once, but that’s about the extent of it. I don’t like to bring politics into my work at all really. I’m not trying to add to the clutter.

I’ve been printing on this all-recycled paper, using a non-chlorine bleaching alternative to get it white and I’m using soy based inks. Cause I know once it goes up on a wall I know it’s really just trash, you know? If someone wants to tear down, or paint over it, you know, go for it.

Spaceman prints were raffled off at Greenovation last week for charity.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: So you don’t mind the Defacer Eraser truck coming along and taking your stuff down?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Ha, no. I have always wanted to see those guys at work… just power-wash something off a wall. You know, like I said, it’s an ego thing. If you’re familiar with Buddhism at all, there are these hard core Tibetan monks who spend days, weeks, sometimes months making these super intricate, huge works of art all with sand. And then when they’re done they take it to the ocean and like, dump it in. You know?

I think everyone has too much of an ego. And it helps that I feel like I’m working towards a higher purpose to just dissociate myself with it. There’s a bigger picture for me. I’m wanting to start a charity to clean up the waterways around Rochester. Because there’s only one Great Lakes. There’s only one set of Finger Lakes… and they are getting fucked up. And it’s only getting worse. We’re getting into hydraulic fracturing and dumping benzine and stuff like that into the land… if I wanted to get into making art that deals with stuff like that I could, but people wouldn’t drive by it and smile. They’d drive by and go, “Aw that sucks.” So I’d rather try to do something about it from the top down—from a governmental aspect. Like, I need lobbyists or something. So that’s what I’m trying to do.

Right now I’m gathering some backing from other local artists and restaurants and bars and stuff, and the plan is to raise money and build local support. But sometimes I go down there to the lake or the river with garbage bags and some friends to clean up, and we fill up our garbage bags and believe me it’s not fun.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Do you ever get discouraged?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: No. I know the planet isn’t going anywhere. And in a thousand years the earth will heal itself and it’ll be fine. But we’ve got to take care of ourselves. A lot of times when cars are going by me at 70mph and I’m putting up artwork, I’ll try to see it from behind me as though I’m looking down at myself. I try to look at the big picture.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Sounds like you try hard to keep things in perspective.

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Yeah you know, a lot of times I’ll sit there on the side of the road and just look in the cars as they’re flying by. They’re not paying attention to me, or anything. They’re zoned out but they still get to where they’re going. Just seeing that moment happening, and knowing that I’m going to put this thing up, and some people will notice it and some people won’t. And of course there are some people who will see me in the act of installing it. But you know…

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: What are you thinking at that moment? Is it an “oh shit, I hope I don’t get caught” moment?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: No I’m just hoping I don’t cause a crash or a pile up.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: How would you respond to people calling your work “filthy” or “trashy” or “criminal”? What are they failing to see?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: I’m just giving people something to enjoy. It’s like that with everything. But I’d say, would you rather see a Geico ad at every four-way stop? That’s horrible. Especially that one [pointing at the Geico billboard across the street]. I mean that thing is yellow and black and you almost have to physically avert your eyes. And then you’re in line at Wegman’s and they have all those magazines with pictures of these stars when they’re at the worst moments of their lives… just so they can put it on a magazine and make a profit off it. I mean THAT’s trashy. But you know what, I love those people who say they don’t like my work. Because you know what, I hate the color brown… I think it’s vulgar… I think it’s trashy. There’s always going to be those people who disagree with you. Not everybody likes mushrooms… But they still grow whether they like or not.

Spaceman print on dollar bills.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: What do you think about comparisons to other artists like Shepard Fairey or Banksy? Are comparisons like these accurate or off the mark? Is it even fair to try to draw comparisons to other artists?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: I think one of the worst things an artist can do is to take inspiration from the art world. Art should be inspired by everything else. So I think those kinds of comparisons are like saying a pine tree and oak tree are similar because they’re outside and have roots. Those guys are millionaires and have teams, they bark out orders and stuff gets done. I’m not bad mouthing them, but those guys are trying to make money to have a bunch of money. I wouldn’t use the term “sellout” because selling out is just trying to make a living by doing what you love. I just wish they would take it to the next level. Do something positive with the power of their movement.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Would you ever do a collaboration with another artist or do something for commission?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Yeah. I mean, I’m going to do stuff anyways, so if I can work with someone… it’s like the ‘Thirteen Arrows’ story, you’re stronger in a group than you are by yourself. It’s just fortifying my work.

Spaceman stickers.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Would you be into offering some of your work on RochesterSubway.com?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Oh heck yes. I think that would awesome. It’s just a different platform for my work. And maybe we could make some money to go to charity. I think that would great.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: You mentioned Buddhism a few times, are you spiritual or religious?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Spirituality and beliefs. That’s hard. It goes back to the ego thing for me. Everyone wants to be right. To stand by someone else and say “yeah, this is RIGHT.” Who cares what you believe, if its a dude or an elephant with six hands or a spark or a guy with a sun or a guy under a lotus tree (or what ever it was) until he got this vision. People don’t really want to focus on being good people. I wish it wasn’t true but religion is heavily ego based. The big picture is that in a thousand years humans may not be alive but the earth will be. I believe in a life force. But no one wants to say they’re wrong. So it becomes “MY god is the RIGHT god… there’s only one.” I’m not going to say what’s right. People just need to start acting better. Don’t be dicks, you know? Get a black friend. Get a Chinese friend if you don’t want a black friend. But just be nice. Give a guy a quarter if he needs it.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: There’s much the public doesn’t know about you… a lot of misconceptions… but what would you like them to know?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: Oh wow. Everyone should just get along. Who cares what you look like or where you live. It takes all kinds of people. I’ll just say this, without light there wouldn’t be dark. If there was no hot there wouldn’t be cold. You need the things you love and you need the things you hate. Just don’t put your ego behind everything and look at things with a full point of view. You know, like, yeah sure, I hate that picture, but I can respect why some people would like it. And I can dig that. There just needs to be a lot more understanding.

That, and I’m 100% against hydrolic fracking. I think fracking could be the stupidest thing we ever do.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Do you have a web site or an online place where people can see your work?

SPACEMAN ARTIST: No, I really have time for that, unfortunately. I leave that to the community, like RochesterSubway.com. If I had more time I might do more online; do more clothing or indoor pieces. No one can buy a picture that I put outside, but I’ll make small prints of it so they can have a piece of it in their house.

ROCHESTERSUBWAY.COM: Well thank you for taking the time to sit down with me. I like your perspective and I’m a big fan. Keep doing what you’re doing.


You Can Join the Spaceman Artist

He’s looking for artists who would like to help him create new work. He’s also looking for people who want to help clean up our region’s waterways. If you’re interested, please email RochesterSubway.com.

UPDATE: Spaceman art available here.

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29 Responses to “The Man Behind ‘Spaceman’”

  1. RJ says:

    Thanks for this. I love seeing these pictures on my commutes. Love the guy’s attitude too.

  2. Ryan says:

    If you printed tshirts i would for sure buy them. and help sell them. especially with the money going to a good cause.. all of these prints are sick..

  3. Ben says:

    What an awesome human perspective! Thank you for sharing this creativity, and your perspective. Great, great stuff 🙂


  4. Oh mom says:

    Mr. Spaceman artist, I am a mother of five, my kids see this art work of yours. I understand your desire here, my husband and many of our family members are artists too, BUT they know what is pornography and what art is. You have talent, don’t waste it. Those guys seeing your art and “smiling” aren’t the ones who are going to donate to your cause. My kids see this, moms see this, and we’re NOT smiling, we’re cringing. My kids LOVE Geico, my kids ARE the future, so make them smile with funny, beautiful art work, before school and after, THEY have their whole life in front of them. These “men”, can easily “buy” these images from a magazine or online. Do something to WOW us, something clean, make us ALL smile. Making the world a better place with nude woman?? Not buying it! This is your challenge. Moms have big mouths and loud voices, don’t make us mad. Make me tell the world about how truly talented you are, and even better…donate to his very worthy cause. I’ll hold onto my money until I see something worth donating to. No more filth, but something we can ALL smile at, let go of the exotic, nude, cheaply looking woman, and I’ll let go of my money. Have a few on your side, or the world on your side? Who are you trying to save the world or a few perverted men? Good luck!

  5. Ben says:


    In the words of John McEnroe “You CANNOT be serious!” Seriously, was that a cheeky reply, or do you really have that much of an over-bearing “Parent” ego state?!

    Impressing rules and norms as YOU perceive them to be fit and just is NOT a balanced, “Adult” thinking mind, it is a Puritanical, reactionary PARENT ego, and that is useless for balanced society.

    There IS a human body under your puritanical robe. The fact that people realize it does not make them PERVOS as you ridiculously assume.

    You’re right, kids are the future. I’d prefer to live in a world with balanced adults who apply critical thinking, rather than applying mypopic dogma of “right.” So, how about holding up YOUR end of the societal bargain and exposing your kids to the realities of life, and in a balanced and insighftul way guide them with wisdom to make them fully functional “adults.”

    Good luck!

  6. Oh mom says:

    Ben, very serious, the body is a beautiful thing, but why cheapen it with girls butts, and sexual poses? That is NOT art. I’m a “mature” adult, I know and teach my children to be modest in dress and with themselves. Why show so much skin? What’s the point, no one is going to say,”Oh that’s beautiful skin.” They’re going to be immature and say,”That’s hot!” in a oversexed society, we already crossed the lines from Art straight to pornography, which is far from talent. Ben, the future needs to appreciate art and true beauty, not see more sex’ed up photo’s. In the words of G.K. Chesterton,”Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.” Good luck!!

  7. Yuri says:

    Last time I checked, the GEICO gecko wasn’t wearing ANY clothes. (snicker) . But like the artist said, ‘we need the things we hate’. if the human form bothers you in such a way, use the art as an example to open a discussion with your kids about why you feel it is not ok, that’s all.

  8. Oh mom says:

    Hi Yuri. Good one about GEICO! LOL They’re on my target list now too, when you see him wearing clothes, you know who made it happen!! 🙂 What I hate, is anything trying to destroy innocence. Of course, I already talked to my children about this long before. But why should it be in their face? We don’t NEED things we hate. WE need air, water, common decency. I absolutely understand no one is the same and we all have our own opinions, but when it crosses the line, why? Why go there? And attack children and woman and men who are fighting porn addiction etc? I hate Vanilla icecream, my husband loves it, but it’s not “hurting”anyone having it. These images are hurting people. I think it’s sad that so many are numb to filth. Just asking this artist to open our eyes to TRUE art and talent, not something so opposite. Thank you.

  9. That One Guy says:

    Fantastic article. Thank you for posting this.

  10. Beev says:


    I’m a woman and certainly smile and enjoy seeing spaceman’s artwork on my long commute to work. It’s not trash, nor filth, and I feel sorry for your ignorance and close-minded ideas about our world today.

    Have you turned on a computer or a television in the last DECADE? Your children are exposed to more nudity and “filth” looking at the magazine rack in the line at Wegmans while you’re loading your groceries onto the belt, than the artwork spaceman has created.

    Also, if you took the time to actually read this article instead of just complaining about your kids seeing something that is natural and beautiful… You would also have read that it’s not about the money, or profits for this talented and brilliant artist.

    I CERTAINLY smiled when I saw the newest spaceman posters pop up on my route, and also when I saw one ripped in half on my way home because I knew someone like YOU became so entangled in their ignorance they couldn’t stand the sight and attempted to destroy it.

    Keep it up “spaceman” I’m proud of you.

  11. Oh Mom says:

    Beev, I noticed you said you were a “woman” and NOT mom, and that just tells me you have no clue about protecting your children. And if you do have children and don’t care what they see, well then I can tell you exactly how they are going to be when they grow up. I love art and if you read my WHOLE comment you would know, I understand and respected the artist as a person. What I don’t respect is what he is making. Naked people are fine in the right context, but why woman in a trashy way? God was the true artist of the human body, you can’t “improve” it. You can glorify it, but what Spaceman is doing is making it trashy. My kids don’t need to see that. I want my kids to be respected not lusted. Obviously you know where to look for filth, you said on the computer and television etc., then you can see this anytime you want. I choose NOT to let my kids on the computer just surfing and watching TV. They watch wholesome shows, and YOU guessed it.. we have NO cable. Our children are being bombarded with this stuff. Why? Is it making the world a better place to see sexual images? Are you saying men and woman seeing this, is making them better? Prove it! All I see is a sexed up world of premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, and now depressed teens. I can go on and on how lust kills love. But if you keep it up with this “anything goes” attitude, you’ll find out yourself. I believe in morals, self dignity and respect. My kids will go on and do the same. I am very “OPEN-MINDED”, I am open to the world becoming a BETTER place, not “CLOSE-MINDED”… that I am going to sit here and shut down,thinking I CAN’T do anything. Spaceman will NOT get famous with filth, but with true true art of beauty and something incredible, I’m still waiting! Thank you! 🙂

  12. another mom says:

    Oh mom has way too much time on her hands if she can spend that much time ranting in paragraph after paragraph. She seriously needs to get out of the house!
    Go Spaceman!

  13. Oh Mom says:

    Another Mom, I have all the time in the world to protect my kids. I actually wish I was HOME more because of what society is turning the world into. My kids love to watch, Little House on the Prairie, Brady Bunch etc. Because it’s all about family, and simpler times, and modesty. Love that! So I guess I’m doing something right. Please I beg you all to write me in 10yrs. tell me where you are at, and your kids. And I’ll share the same. We’ll compare notes! To each it’s own. Love being a mom, love fighting the good fight! God is so great! God bless~

  14. Shan says:

    Is there anyway to purchase one of his prints? Or get a shirt printed?

  15. notamom says:

    I am a 21 year old woman and I have to agree with “mom”. ALL STREET ARTISTS should at least consider all perspectives. If he did consider children and those fighting porn addiction, then ok … I don’t agree but OK. I don’t know of anyone who smiled at them unless they were total perverts honestly …. from the sounds of it, you weren’t even trying to make a statement, just trying to get attention.

    I don’t see much artistry behind your work. I see some unknown photographers input, I see Adobe Illustrator’s input, and I see the “SUPREME” logo replace with “SPACEMAN”. In the interview he says he doesn’t intend it to be a signature, but it is one. He says “one of the worst things an artist can do is to take inspiration from the art world” but his pieces are EXACTLY like the artists mentioned in the original question (Banksy, Shepard Fairey) only not as quality or thought provoking … He’s following along the same concepts as Shepard, repetition making something seem important; he’s wheatpasting like Shepard; he’s vectorizing and using high contrasted images LIKE SHEPARD. And he’s are saying they’re sell outs while he’s now selling stickers and teeshirts to promote your personal agendas (and the blog who has been praising you along the way) ?? Shepard is one thing, with his clothing line and prints, but Banksy is not a millionaire, he doesn’t profit because NO ONE KNOWS WHO HE IS so how could he be wired the money?? In fact, he and other artists are against the idea of profiting from the art that is intended to be for the public. (http://www.woostercollective.com/post/the-banksy-exhibition-we-wont-be-seeing-at-art-basel-miami-and-the-reason-w)

    Anyway, tangent aside, Vectorizing someone else’s photo does not make it yours. You are not original, and you are not impressive.

  16. notamom says:

    blah, please ignore typos and bad grammar. Wish I could delete and repost 🙁

  17. As @Notamom mentioned in her comment above, Spaceman is offering stickers and prints for sale here… http://bit.ly/XlV9uL

    The sales will be shared between Spaceman and RochesterSubway.com. Spaceman is using the money to assemble bio filters which he places in streams and run off / drainage areas. He’s partnering with Smugtown Mushrooms which is supplying the bio-matter that goes inside the filters (which are really just big burlap sacks. It’s crazy science stuff and it’s over my head, but I assure you, this is something he’s been doing and it seems to be working.

    Also, I feel like I should address some of the other comments by @Notamom. Spaceman says the photos he uses in his artwork are taken by him. This includes the girls in his work. There are other artists out there doing similar style street art, and perhaps they are using images that are not their own, but according to Spaceman he actually owns a camera and shoots his own stuff. If you’re accusing him of stealing other people’s photographs, you’re going to have to be more specific, or knock it off. No pun intended.

  18. Jessica says:

    Dear Mom: Reproduction is for the bored and uninspired.

    Dear those of us who have inspiration: I love the Spaceman artwork and I love seeing it all over the city. I’ve even seen some closer to the Buffalo area. This artist has a lot of talent, and it is more certainly not be wasted. I think it is quite tasteful.

  19. Matt says:

    I’m going to paraphrase for the pun of it: “Art for Art’s Sake.” -Andy Warhol. It would seem that most of you have prematurely attacked this idea without the right strategy or research. It is a cyber pitfall I know, but unfortunately in this world, your exposed neck is all the more tempting.

    Art is commentary, it is the finite moment in time that conveys a message. Even a message about nothing is still a message about something. Whether it’s graphic fornication, a fluffy bunny, a viet cong prisoner shot dead, or a sparkling unicorn, the subject matter should be taken only as a piece of the ‘art’ work. The subject matter, the delivery, the setting, the materials, it’s all part of the same piece, and each part has as powerful of a meaning as its neighbor. Spacemans message is ecological activism, and his delivery, ironically, is ecologically intrusive. That alone conveys to me the depth and thought to his work.

    As far as the subject matter being too graphic; I challenge any mother to consider how much violence their child is exposed verses sexuality. It is a tired debate, but a relevant one. A person does not lose their innocence to sexuality, they lose it when they realize they are going to die.

  20. Juice says:

    This is not about porn, its about art. I hate marketing and branding. Recently my child got an assignment at school called “Environmental Print”. Essentially he was to bring in cut outs of his favorite cereals, toys, and stores which he can identify by logos or pictures. This infuriates me. I would not be surprised if some marketing firm is watching these assignments to figure out how to separate my kid from his money in a more efficient way. Because of this article, I am sending him with cutouts of Spaceman art work. My kids love it by the way. The contrast is awesome and appealing. Mom, I hear ya, but lets reel that liberal bleeding heart in a little. Maybe teach your kids to go tag an abutment with something you like, since it seems they cannot form their own opinion….

  21. OH MOM says:

    @Juice, whatever you decide to do with your child is your decision, it does make me sad, because I know all too well innocents is wearing thin. Actually all my kids are artists. They have a passion and a talent for it. All different and all molded by themselves and their love for God and His glory. They see those picture from Spaceman and shake their heads, and laugh when I say,”…and some people call THAT art.” They know better. I am so blessed they have REAL talent and know where to look for beauty. Yes, I am so blessed 🙂

  22. Erica says:

    I’m trying daily to become a better person. I suppose that allowing this thread to pass by several weeks ago demonstrates some personal growth on my part – in the past, I’ve shown a pattern of being somewhat intolerant of intolerant people. Alternatively, the fact that I’m responding today to a 2-year old thread means I haven’t grown quite as much as I was thinking.

    Notwithstanding, I despise self-righteousness. When OH MOM can describe ‘innocence’ and its value to her, only then can we have an honest dialogue with her about anything useful. She lacks either the courage, or the integrity, to expose her true objections to SPACEMAN. Although I can certainly understand not wanting to expose your prior life-shaping experiences as perhaps a teen slut or over-cooker of french toast, OH MOM opened the door to these remarks when she poked her provincial and gleamingly pristine vagina into an otherwise positive, healthy conversation. To be clear, I’m saying she invited it from a person whom this week, also has a great deal of time on their hands.

    People who live by, and/or hide behind, popular labels and broad stroke characterizations are a bore to me. And SPACEMAN gets it – these concepts exist only to control people. Clearly, OH MOM is controlled. Its easy for many people to play that game because it requires no thought, no introspection, no investment.

    From her perspective, her posts on this pinko ‘counter-culture’ site is probably the riskiest thing she’s done since selling her soul, and those of her kids, to the man.

    I really hope this is received in the blessed spirit it was written.


  23. KJ says:

    There is something good going on here. He had me at “…be nice..”. (LQ,:-))

  24. Ron says:

    Every time I see billboards for the Tilted Kilt on my way to and from work I think about the comments in this thread from that awful mom. I wish I could get her take on those.

  25. Oh Mom says:

    Thank you first of all for thinking of me. I think you made my point. If you put together Spacemans “art” and these billboards, it’s because you know they have something in common. And it’s not “art” or “talent”. You see it like I see it, inappropriately dressed woman. Don’t worry, I’ve seen them, my husband, kids and I look away and pray for all those who are being effected by these billboards. We also pray for the woman IN the billboard. I just feel sorry for people who think it’s ok to lust others. It really is wrong. You are TAKING away something from them. Not truly looking at them as human beings. And that’s what my husband and I want for our children and the future. Please note, look at all the inappropriate things in the news, teachers with young kids, rape etc. This just fuels lust, not love. This IS exactly what is wrong with the society today. I pray for all of those who disagree with me, to one day have their eyes open. Look at one another as beautiful as God intended, not HOT, SEXY etc. Not going to comment anymore, I will just pray. The more who disagree with me, the more I know, I have a lot of work ahead of me. And I know truth always wins in the end. God bless you all!

  26. Erica says:

    OH MOM,



  27. esmeralda says:

    amazing. such wise words. go spaceman!

  28. L Dawg says:

    I’m so glad that is not my mom. Oh Mom if you want to be in a country where females are not exposed at all perhaps you should move to a Iran, Iraq or some other Muslim country where others hold the same view on sexuality.

    I dig his philosophy.
    Bottom line Be Nice to people, and care for the ecosystem.

    Viva Spaceman!!!

  29. rip says:

    spaceman would be awesome if his main logo wasnt just a supreme ripoff. come back to earth and regroup.

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