Original Street Art by SPACEMAN

You've seen these iconic images on the streets of Rochester. Now you can own them and contribute to two great causes at once: Proceeds gathered from the sale of these prints will go towards Spaceman's efforts to clean up waterways in the Genesee Valley; including the Genesee River and surrounding tributaries. Funds will be used to organize litter cleanup events, placards and signage, as well as production and installation of bunker spawn bio-regeneration pods (100% natural and organic living pollution filters that decimate pollutants ranging from oil runoff and industrial waste, to E. coli and Salmonella). Spaceman also requests that a portion of the proceeds go to help, "for the upkeep of the website and non-stop passion about not only the Rochester culture, but ways to improve the local quality of life. After that, any spare change will be used to gather supplies for upcoming art projects."

Don't wait. These are one-of-a-kind items produced by the artist and quantities are EXTREMELY limited.
You can learn more about the artist by reading the interview... The Man Behind Spaceman.

Bowie T-shirt by Spaceman
(limited quantity)

David Bowie T-shirt by Spaceman.

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