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Did you ever catch a ride on the Rochester Subway? Have a parent or grandparent who rode it to work or just for kicks? Do you have an opinion about what should be done with the abandoned subway tunnel? Reply to this email with your Subway thoughts, stories, photos, videos, (whatever)... and we’ll share your story on Not only that, we’re so hot for your story, we’re going to send the first 10 respondants a FREE Rochester Subway Poster! is not affiliated with any group or organization. We’re just a web site devoted to sharing the story of the Subway. So if you have any idea what we’re talking about, please drop us a line or forward this email to a friend who might have a story to share.

If you’ve never heard of the Rochester Subway, read up, or watch this video (our Subway story)...
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¤ Article by Otto M. Vondrak
¤ Design by Mike Governale
More About The Rochester Subway 10% of net proceeds are donated to:
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