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Rochester Subway featured in Monocle MagazineRochester Subway featured in Monocle Magazine
Rochester Subway featured in Monocle MagazineRochester Subway featured in Monocle Magazine
September 18, 2009
Rochester and Cincinnati transit maps
shine in Monocle Magazine
No it’s not for people with one eye. Monocle is a global current affairs magazine (published in the U.K.) with a sharp asthetic and an editorial tone that suggests we can build a better world if we just think creatively about global problems. And wouldn’t you know, they took notice of our little Rochester Subway map in their September issue. Brilliant!

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*Monocle Magazine is available at Borders Books and Barnes & Noble in the current events section of the magazine aisle.

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Roll of Tokens (circa 1938)
When we discovered this amazing little roll of coins in a Rochester antique shop, we were amazed — if slightly confused. Amazed because we had never seen an unopened roll of Rochester transit tokens before... confused because these tokens seem to have a bit of an identity crisis.
Vintage Postcard, Anything BUT Typical
The title of this postcard, “Typical Rochester Rail Equipment”, is almost a misnomer. The cars depicted here may have been an ordinary sight on Rochester’s streetcar and Subway lines during the 1930’s and 40’s, but to us, this scene is quite exceptional.
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